Elo's wine packaging " Secco, Rosso, Loro featured on Thedieline.com website. Thedieline is a number one packagin website today. You can check Elo's wonderful wine packaging here. Secco, Rosso, Eloro

Elo's Eko Cleaning Packaging featured in The Design Book Of The Year in 2010.The Design Book Of  The Year is a bible of design. It features the best designers around the world. It is published and printed in London and distributed all over Europe and the World.You can check the cleaning packaging here.EKO

Elo was interviewed by the blog called "Design Cognition" based in London. You can read Elo's interview here. Elo Under The Creative Spot Light.

Elo's artwork CMYK is now being sold at Urban Outfitters. Get yours now. Here is where to order CMYK

Elo is now part of Society6 family. Check out Elo's colorful work here. Elo on Society6

Elo's Blog. "Think Smart Designs" is awarded by "How Magazine" as one of the 10 blogs every designer should follow. Check out the reasons here.
Think Smart Designs.

Elo's artworks are now keds shoes get yours now! Elo's Keds

Elo was interviewed by "Proxart Magazine", an online magazine based in Los Angeles. Here is a little bit more about Elo and his background. Elo on Proxart website

Elo announces he will be launching later in February 2011 a PDF magazine called InPrint. InPrint will feature great artists all over the world. Stay Tuned!. If you want a sneak peak you can check it out here. InPrint Magazine.

Elo's artworks were turned into ipad wallpapers, thanks to "Proxart Magazine". Get yours now 1, 2, 3, 4

"InPrint Magazine" project has been a huge internet success and it had 3.000 visits in just 6 hours after launch. Did you get your free copy yet? get it here!

Elo's packaging was featured on "Packaging Of  The World Website". Check out his great packaging here!

Do you want to know more about Elo's work aesthetics and how he comes up with amazing ideas for his retro illustrations?. Read this interview!

Elo's "Child-Hood" shoes were featured on a Brazilian blog called La Carpa.

Elo's colorful packaging work seem to appeal a lot to the Japanese audience. Here's Elo's packaging featured in a respectful Japanese design website called eibyte.

Elo's CMYK iPhone 4 skin is now being sold in Japan. The CMYK art has been a huge sale success since it came out. CMYK In Japan.

CMYK is once again featured on a website called Suburbia Art

Elo's "Simple Love" was featured on a Blog called "Dark Silence In Suburbia" check it out here Simple Love.

Elo's art "Words Of Mass Destruction" was featured on "Dinosaur Soup Website". Dinosaur Soup

Elo's work has been re-blogged over 3000 times on Tumblr

Elo's works and InPrint Magazine were mentioned on "Working Class Designer" blog. Working Class is a must read blog for designers. See it here!

CMYK skin featured on THESOUTHSIDER website .

Elo's artwork "Veneno" was featured on a website for emerging artists called "Art Design and Stuff".

Elo's artwork is now on Cargo website!

The Chinese love Elo's clean packaging designs and it's once again featured on a website called Chinabaike.

An Italian on line magazine called The New Black features Elo's collage artwork and calls it "Digital collage with an influence of surrealism"

Elo's work featured on Arts Design And Stuff online magazine.

Another great Elo Designer's interview you can read on "Not Paper Website"

Elo was recently featured on U-skill website. U-skill is based in Italy and it's about fashion and arts. Will Elo's work go to Milan next? I hope so.. Check it out here!

Elo's Cush logo is a big YouTube sensation.Check it out and find our why!

Elo's packaging featured on "Packaging Of  The World Website". Find out which one here!

Elo's Russ Vodka packaging featured on "One Extra Pixel Website", as "inspiring drinking label design".Read more here!

Elo's CMYK(the creation of retro) featured on Yahoo Japan.

Elo's works are now on Saatchi. One of the best site for wall arts here

Elo's framed works are now on " Image kind" at very affordable prices.

The most expect book is finally here. "THE CREATION OF RETRO" by Elo designer get your copy today!

Elo's Work, "Life After Death", in the hands of a famous Brazilian actor.This is somewhat really cool!

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